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A Bloomberg Terminal would almost certainly deliver the news quicker, but it costs thousands of dollars per month, something most retail traders cannot afford. If there is a lag, use an alternative news source as a backup option or if the currency price has already moved, then skip the trade. Once you make the above customizations you can have your own personalized Forex forex factory economic calendar. Here, you can find an explanation of the economic event and the source of the news as well as the effect it can have in the markets. You will also be able to see the next scheduled release and other information worth reading. When you do this, the rest of the times in the economic calendar automatically changes.

forex factory news

When you distill it, all Forex trading strategies are born of the news in some way or another. But the pin bar and inside bar are the literal embodiment of the news and how it influences the markets. This third part of our guide, we examine how to use the Forex Factory calendar news to reinforce your forex trading and make it more profitable.

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After you click on thefiltericon on the top right side of the economic calendar, you will see an expanded box as shown below. When you click on this icon, the news item expands and gives you more details. For example, a U.S. nonfarm https://www.tdameritrade.com/investment-products/forex-trading.html payrolls report will certainly impact the USD more than any other currency. Likewise, a New Zealand producer price index will impact the NZD currency. Below is a screenshot from the ForexFactory.com economic calendar section.

forex factory news

Starting from the left side, you can choose all or only a few currencies of your choice. The currency that you check is the currency that you will see on the calendar. The economic calendar can be found on the main page of the forum. Of https://dotbig-com.medium.com/best-german-forex-brokers-2022-review-by-dotbig-based-on-clients-testimonials-b4f016d01ad0 course, the personalization of the economic calendar can be made when you register for a free account. For those of you who have traded stocks, you would know that the equity markets also has a calendar known as the earnings calendar.

How To Use The Forex Factory Economic Calendar

These three can give you an estimate on how good or bad the economic release has been. The right side of the expanded box shows a list of news articles and headlines. The impact column is a small folder like icon and comes in three colors. The date and time columns show the date of the event and the time. You can change the time by clicking on the time display on the top right corner of the forum. The calendar sits on the second section of the website, just above the start of the forum threads.

  • Here the trader can use some basic technical analysis of support and resistance to pre-determine entry and exit point for the trade before the news is released.
  • What microeconomics and indicators tell us is the underlying health of the economy which are often driven by exports and inward foreign investment.
  • They see rate forecasts – including expectations of 50bp hikes at the next 2/3 meetings – and they are not making an effort to cool the talk.
  • Rates above are EOD average spot rate of previous day.
  • When interest rates are higher, relative to another economy and thereby its currency, investors flock to the currency which offers higher interest rates.
  • A Forex Factory demo account will let you see how the site works and see the rolling news impacting the markets in real-time.

I.e. the 0.5% Actual is lower than the Forecast of 0.7% and the Previous of 0.6%. As you can see, you will be able to select a duration of your choice. You can also see the previous five releases and when you click on ‘More’ you can expand this even further. dotbig review You can also click on graph, which is the same as clicking on the graph icon on the extreme right. AUDUSD trades to a new highs The RBA shifted their bias more toward tightenings earlier vs later as they took out the word “patient” with regard to inflation.

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