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Leaflet Packing Jobs From Home

They offered me a position as an Quality Assurance Operator at $40.00 per hour. I cannot believe how stupid and how gullible I am to believe and do such a stupid thing. My wife told me that it was a scam but I wanted to believe the best because we needed some x-tra amazon work from home customer service jobs cash. And if anyone should have suspected it as a scam, it should have been me, I am a Chaplain in a Correctional Center. I deal with scam artists all the time but this takes the cake. At present, it has not cost me anything. I received and shipped out 5 packages.

work from home packing and shipping

We did our research too, so we thought. They were VERY thorough The companies were Shipway and Elquis. If it sounds too good to be true, it is! We saved all the info, and then we started getting notices from Paypal Credit, which these places used but by then we knew it was a scam. We feel really stupid too so but are now that much more cautious about everything online, at least. Parcels will be delivered to your home by Fedex UPS USPS. Once you receive a parcel you take pictures of the box and upload them to the system.

Reporting A Scam Website

Unfortunately when people are in desperate situations or want something so bad common sense can go out the window. I don’t blame the victims when this happens. Either way, I’m happy you didn’t fall for this scam. ShopperX LLC. https://kellerlogistics.com/ I think this is a scam mail forwarding company. They even have so many online news presence. The offered vacancy is 100 percent legitimate job, all shipped products are legal under the law of the United States of America.

I didn’t send any packages out thank goodness. I also emailed the person back stating that I’ve reported the company to the FBI. Well the other day a package came from UPS it was a PS4 and I didn’t sign for it. I’m just worried that these packages will keep coming. https://uss-express.com/reviews/employees/ That is not to say I do not get asked every day to ship items to US addresses. When ever this request comes up the answer is no. The other red flag for me is someone who orders very expensive items and then wants them shipped with the fastest shipping possible.

Steps For How To Ship Artwork

We’ve laid out what you should do in the article above. They didn’t introduce themselves and the company they represent. If there is no scanner at your disposal, you may take a high resolution picture of the signed contract. Read the article and comments above. I can’t repeat what’s already been written.

  • But as long as people follow the advice in this article, they can avoid all of this.
  • I had a feeling it was a scam I was just hoping for the best.
  • I hope what I have shared helps someone before it is too late.
  • Be aware it will take time and hard work to find a good online job just as it takes time and hard work to find a solid day job.
  • I just wanted to add my scam email to the list soothers can be informed.
  • Ive had this happen to but I called the payday loan people they claimed to be calling on and they said I didn’t owe anything that I never had a loan.

This particular company is Sungate Researches, Inc. Don’t let desperation get the best of your judgement. Just read the article above and all the comments above. It doesn’t matter what the company name is, if they paid you or you receive shipments. The premise is still everything I covered in the article.

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